Micom base stations are available in either rack mount or desktop configurations with output power ranging from 125 watts up to 4KW.  Micom transceivers are very reliable with a mean-time between failure exceeding 20,000 hours.  Thousands of Micom radios are in operation every day around the world.  


125 Watt Compact Transceiver

The Micom-3F 125 Watt HF Transceiver provides the highest level of reliability for long range wireless communications of voice, data, fax and email. Offering the latest technological advancements and features the Micom 3F delivers the reliability,dependability and functionality you demand to meet the needs of your organization and personnel. The unit serves as both a fixed or mobile unit, embedded with ALE and is fully compliant with FED-STD 1045 and MIL STD 188/141B and meets the MIL 810 STD.

MICOM Z - Front Mount

High Quality HF/SSB

Micom-Z is a state-of-art family of adaptive HF/SSB radio sets designed to meet the demanding requirements of the operational environment. Using advanced digital signal processing (DSP) techniques, Micom-Z offers reliable long-range communication for voice, data, and telegraphy (CW) using upper sideband (USB), lower sideband (LSB), amplitude modulation equivalent (AME), and pilot modes of operation. Embedded with CCIR 4 & 6 digit digital selective calling and 2G ALE, it is fully compliant with FED-STD-1045 and MIL-STD-188-141B.

Micom-Z radio sets provide a complete solution to traditional HF communications allowing user-friendly, easy operation even for unskilled users. Micom-Z radio sets have been specifically designed to satisfy all the needs of short, medium and long range communication in the crowded HF band.


19" Rack Mount 125 Watt

The Micom RM125 base station offers users a comprehensive communication and networking solution built for meeting demanding requirements in long range communication reliability with ease of use and simplicity. A multiple accessory interface junction box is included with the system to facilitate adding various modems, power amplifiers, phone patches or other devices. It offers flexibilty as well by allowing users to operate the transceiver via a PC and programming application


500 Watt Rack Mount

The Micom RM500 is especially designed to provide very long range radio communications for ground-to-ground, ground-to-air and ground-to-sea voice and data applications. The Micom RM500 is a self-contained 500W transceiver package integrating Micom 3 radio, auto-sensing AC power supply, multiple accessory ports and a reliable air cooling system into a 19" rack mount cabinet. Meeting the world's strictest standards for radio equipment communication dependability.


1000 Watt Base Station

Micom RM1200 is a rack mount 1Kwatt PEP and AVG base station transceiver.  Continuous duty transceiver to get the signal out. 


Designed to work with Micom HF radio transceivers, the Micom RM1200 power amplifier delivers the most reliable communications for a wide range of operational applications. With it’s strict precision design, the fully solid-state amplifier features the latest and most advanced technology, providing exceptional linearity, efficiency and operating dependability for HF radio voice and data communications

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On August 8th, 1988, Dave Carothers, founder of Royal Communications International, opened for business.  Over the past 30 years RCI has grown to become a recognized industry leader in the design and supply of land-mobile and long range two-way HF/SSB radio communication systems to customers around the world. We have worked with most U.S. Federal Government Agencies and have teamed up with several U.S. Prime Contractors.


RCI's core expertise is centered on the MICOM series of HF transceivers.


At Royal Communications International, Inc., our mission is to ensure that our customers receive prompt service and sound technical advice for their long range radio systems.

The Micom 4 is in development.  Expected completion date is mid 2020.  

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During the summer June-July 2017, pilot Brian Lloyd commenced his round-the-world flight to commemorate Amelia Earhart’s route eighty years ago in 1937. The two month flight followed Earhart’s historic equatorial route. Royal Communications International, Inc. was honored to support Brian throughout his expedition.


“I chose the Micom3T transceiver for my historic recreation of Amelia Earhart's flight due to its robust construction and outstanding reputation for reliability in a harsh environment. While the control head is mounted in the cabin and lives in a more benign environment, the receiver/transmitter unit resides in an unheated and unpressurized avionics bay where the temperature may vary from +45C to -20C and the altitude may top 24,000 feet. In spite of this harsh environment the Micom3T performed well. 


But even the best equipment can fail and I did experience an intermittent failure of the receiver/transmitter unit. A single call to Royal Communications had a replacement unit on its way to me on the other side of the world in a day. Clearly the emphasis was to get my communications back up and running reliably as quickly as possible. I am extremely pleased with the level of support I received. The replacement unit operated and continues to operate reliably.


I recommend Royal Communications and Micom products without any reservation. They provide excellent service, great support, and reliable products. Thanks Royal!” - Brian Lloyd

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